Improve your Insights, Customer Journey and Social Media Presence

Promptech is a Jordanian IT startup that operates as a channel partner and system integrator for leading multinational technology vendors, providing Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics (DA), Customer Experience (CX), and Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. The company operates Communications Platform as a Service with cloud infrastructure, powered by Artificial Intelligence and provided thru Agile Business Models.

With a qualified and distinctive team that collectively boasts a relevant industry experience of more than 50 years; we at Promptech, assist businesses engage their customers to improve their experience over different digital channels and help them get insights into their operation from different perspectives for better-informed decisions.

The enterprise solutions from Promptech are designed to integrate multiple facets of any company’s business through the interchange of information from various process areas and related databases. They (solutions) enable companies to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information that helps them engage and nurture leads, increase sales, and boost customer loyalty.


Customer Experience

At Promptech, we help businesses engage their customers and improve their experience over the different digital channels such as voice, email, chat and social media. We support them in setting their strategy, building their customer service center, as well as offering the right technology and tools.


Business Intelligence

At Promptech, we support our customers in improving their performance by providing insights into their operations from different perspectives and analyzing their data in a way that helps them make better decisions. We utilize different technologies to maximize the benefits of the available data.


Social Media Analytics

At Promptech, we assist our customers connect to multiple sources and collect all of their customers feedback in one place. We help them get real-time insights and understand their customers interactions from all availed channels using the best-in-class text analytics engines.


Thru the power of the cloud and AI, our technology connects every customer moment across marketing, sales & service on any channel, while improving employee experiences.


A powerful suite of BI and analytics products that will change the way you discover and share insights, so you can make the best and informed decisions, even faster.


Marketing & Sales platform that helps companies attract customers, convert leads, and close deals, by adding automated functionalities to their commercial activities.


Powered by AI and machine learning (M2M), Clarabridge can help you make sense of the explosion of customer interaction channels and the sheer volume of data.


Master Reseller, committed to producing exceptional data analytics and focused on helping businesses take the right decisions, by producing accurate & real-time analytics.


Specialized IT and e-Content solutions Provider, developing content strategies & digital solutions that help brands establish deep relationships with customers.

Manufacturing & Distribution Sector

Financial Sector (Trading & Investment)

Pharmaceuticals & Distribution Sector

Property Management Sector

Medical Sector (Hospitals)

Retail & Merchandising Sector

Thomas Edison


Agile Business Models


Optimized Customer Experience


Less IT Overhead & Higher ROI


Real-time, Accurate Insights


Improved Social-Media Presence


Tailored Solutions & Approach


Business Analysis




Solution Design






QA & Testing



The Integrator

Business value creator offering more than 20 years of executive experience in a leadership position within the ICT and consulting fields across the MENA region.

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The Gatekeeper

Senior Mgr. with 13 years of professional experience in delivering and implementing customized CX solutions for different businesses in the region.

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The Engager

Senior Executive with more than 17 years of experience in the ICT industry, mainly focusing in Customer Experience and Data & Analytics.

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